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The Dream Wedding.

This summer, I was invited along to the South of France to play my first international wedding. The bride and groom were a very cool couple living down under, with family & friends from all over the globe. They chose to get hitched in the beautiful region of Perpignan and as soon as I arrived, I could see why - the spacious, charming and historic Chateau was the perfect retreat for everyone to get together and prepare for the much awaited wedding.

Farah & Frere made me feel so welcome, as if I were one of their guests. The whole day was absolutely perfect, filled with heart-felt speeches, spectacular food, non-stop laughter, and an awesome live band called Pussy Pom Pom Friends! I played from 12 'til 4.30am (that's how it's done in France) and it was honestly the most breath taking venue I have ever had the pleasure of playing at.

Thank you Farah & Frere for allowing me to be a part of your truly memorable day.


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